December 31, 2017: My Only Update of 2017

This is a stub. I will make a fuller update and then remove this message once I have completed the fuller update.

Some of my readers might be wondering "What happened to Charles Wetzel's Japan Web Site? It used to be updated frequently, but it hasn't been updated in an entire year! Has Charles abandoned this website? Did he leave Japan? Is he in trouble? Did he die?"

The answer to these questions is, in order, "No, no, no, and no."

I've had a very busy year. Academically, I've accomplished pretty much nothing this year. However, here are my three major accomplishments this year, in order of how interesting I perceive them to be, with 1 being "not so interesting" and 3 being "very interesting:"

  1. I was employed the whole year. In fact, for 5/6 of the year, I was employed at two jobs!
  2. I lost over 30 pounds in less than six months! I went from overweight to normal weight. This is thanks to HealthyWage. Betting $996 really lit a fire under my ass! I won over $1,147!
  3. I BOUGHT A FREAKIN' CONDOMINIUM IN TOKYO! And by "buy," I don't mean "made a down payment and got a mortgage," I mean "I FREAKIN' SAVED ENOUGH MONEY FROM SEVEN YEARS OF ENGLISH TEACHING AND A FEW OTHER ODD JOBS, THEN INVESTED IT, THEN PLAYED THE FOREX, SO I WAS ABLE TO BUY THE THING OUTRIGHT AND PAY CASH, AND NOW I OWN NOT ONLY A CONDO BUT THE FREAKIN' LAND IT SITS ON!!! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I OWN PART OF JAPAN! SUCK THAT!" Okay, I'm trying to calm down, now... It's a small, old condo that, while in Tokyo, is far from the city center. But still. I'm proud that, at age 31, I not only own my own Tokyo condo outright (and not with some inheritance or trust fund, but wages I earned), but a small piece of Japan.

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