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The 20-Year Saga that Led to the Murder of a Perfectly Healthy 32-Year-Old Tamagotchi, and What Happened Next

Part 1: Introduction

On August 23, 2018, in my condo in Hachiōji, Tokyo, I killed Henrytchi, a Tamagotchi I had named after myself (my middle name is Henry). He was quite a healthy virtual pet:

Tamagotchi 11
Well-Fed, Happy, 0 Stress, 0 Selfishness, and a Brain, Body, and Discipline Level All in Perfect Condition, Weight: 30 grams

How did I kill him? Why did I kill him? And what led me, after my first experience playing Tamagotchi for Game Boy more than 20 years ago, to kill such a venerable and perfectly healthy Tamagotchi, the envy of most Tamagotchi owners? And why does a 31-year-old grown man with a job and his own home play Tamagotchi anyway?

Note: Usually, I take all my own pictures. However, this time, I used some from FREEIMAGES <>. Many of these are from iStock. However, I took the photo of the cartridge and all the screenshots myself using my iPhone 6 camera and the Print Screen button while using NO$GMB, respectively.

Part 1: Introduction | Part 2: The Beginning→